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Clara Barton – American Red Cross Founder Always Put Others First

You may have heard of the Red Cross.  They are an organization that helps people who are in need.  It may be because of a Hurricane, a flood, a war or an earthquake.  No matter how bad the situation, they will always be there to help! But it hasn’t always… Read more »

Senator Tammy Duckworth – Living with No Limits!

United States Senator Tammy Duckworth has lived an amazing life. In doing so, she has made history several times. But her path was anything but easy. Senator Duckworth was born in Thailand.  Her father, an American, worked for the United Nations and so her childhood meant living in many places around Asia.… Read more »

Kathrine Switzer – Breaking Women’s Barriers for 50 Years!

Kathrine Switzer loved to run. And she loved challenges. So when her college coach told her that a woman could not finish a (26.2 mile) marathon, she set out to prove him wrong! In 1967, Kathrine became the first woman ever to compete in the Boston Marathon. This was before… Read more »

Dr. Mae Jemison – ‘Daring Makes a Difference’ for the First Black Woman Astronaut

Dr. Mae Jemison was interested in space and science very early in her life.  From her childhood home in Chicago, she dreamed of traveling to outer space and assumed that she would! Even though many people questioned her interest in science, she persevered and followed her passion.  Jemison went on… Read more »

Veronika Scott – Empowering Homeless Women Stitch by Stitch

Veronika Scott grew up near Detroit, Michigan in a tough household environment. She took note of the over 20,000 Detroiters who are homeless which now equals 1 of every 42 residents. She worked hard in high school and was able to earn a college scholarship to study industrial design at the College for Creative… Read more »

Ashley Fiolek – Deaf Female Motorcross Champion

This is the story of Ashley Fiolek, female motorcross champion. Ashley has been deaf her whole life! She recently wrote a book called “Kicking Up Dirt” that tells her inspirational story. This video tells Ashley’s story as well. Additional Resources: Check out Ashley’s website! Here is another video called “At Home With Ashley Fiolek”. Topics… Read more »