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Inspiring Videos of the Week (5/7/13): Find Your Greatness

Jonny Hickey is a young boy with Autism who found it hard to communicate with others. Then he met Xena, a very sick rescue dog who was expected to die. Well, not only did Xena survive, but her comfort has helped Jonny to express himself and he is a new… Read more »

Inspiring Role Model of the Week (4/24/13) – Drew Bonner: “No. 2 on his back, No. 1 in our hearts”

Check out Drew Bonner, the team manager for the Fairfax (Virginia) High School baseball team and two other sports teams. Drew used to play baseball, but contracted muscular dystrophy which stopped him from being able to play at age 11. Yet, his impact on the team and his school is… Read more »

Inspiring Role Model Videos of the Week – 3/17/2013

Check out Savannah Maddison Ogden, an inspiring 11 year old girl from South Florida who started Savannah’s Soldiers letter writing campaign to help soldiers overseas.  Savannah came up with this great idea after she found out that her best friend’s dad was being deployed and now it has spread to… Read more »

Inspiring Role Model Videos of the Week – 4/1/2013

Check out Richard Turere, a 13 year old Kenyan boy and inventor. When Lions were attacking his family’s livestock, he invented a solar powered lighting system to keep the predators away!   By creating a new way to protect his cattle, he not only solved his own problem, but also helped… Read more »

Inspiring Videos of the Week – 2/25/13

Check out Mitchell Marcus, basketball team manager for the Coronado Thunderbirds in El Paso, Texas and the amazing sportsmanship displayed during his final game. Learn about the amazing creativity and perseverance of The Helicopter Man, Agustin, a poor villager from Honduras who has been following his dream to build a… Read more »

Role Model Videos of the Week 1/22/13

Here are two great videos of role models to inspire you this week. Check out blind skateboarder Tommy Carroll, who shows incredible courage since he first stepped on a board at age obstacles since age 10:     Meet Jeremiah Anthony who takes on cyberbullies at West High in Ames,… Read more »

Videos of the Week (11/23/12)

Here are 3 great stories to inspire you this week. Watch Jason Smith Jr. score a touchdown in his wheelchair thanks to some great sportsmanship: Learn how heroic 9-Year-Old Tristan Saghin saved his little sister using CPR: Watch how 8 year old Johnny Karlinchak creates a lemonade stand to help… Read more »