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Jake Olson – A Young Man Loses His Sight, But Finds His Way

When he was 9 years old, cancer forced the removal of Jake Olson’s left eye. After that, he overcame the return of cancer eight times…but the ninth time proved too much and his right eye also had to be removed. But Jake’s courage and optimism in the face of potential blindness has… Read more »

Koni Dole – High School Football Player Returns to Field One Year After Amputation

Koni Dole is a high school football player at Huntley Project High School in Montana. Just over one year ago, he broke his leg in a game. It was such a bad injury, that his leg became infected and had to be amputated. ‘As soon as I learned I might… Read more »

Inspiring Videos of the Week – 2/18/13

Check out Flipper the Kitten and the Robot Club at Conifer High School in Conifer, CO that have enabled him to move on his own and have saved his life!     Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei are two of the most inspiring ballet dancers you will ever see.  They… Read more »

Jacob Rainey – Quarterback, Amputee and U of Virginia Recruit

Jacob Rainey was a star varsity l quarterback at Woodberry Forest School in Virginia when he suffered a terrible injury to his leg during practice. After one month of trying to save his leg, doctors had no choice but to amputate it above his knee. For many people, this would… Read more »

Newtown’s Children Help it Rise

When something bad happens you have many choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you or you can let it inspire and strengthen you. Here in my hometown of Newtown, CT, I am amazingly inspired by the actions of children I see around me who are… Read more »

Wanda Butts: Making Good Come From Tragedy

In 2006, Wanda Butts experienced a great tragedy.  Her 16 year old son, Josh, drowned while rafting in Michigan. One year later, focused on making something good come from this horrible event, Wanda started a program to teach children how to swim. She started the Josh Project and through this program… Read more »

Videos of the Week (11/23/12)

Here are 3 great stories to inspire you this week. Watch Jason Smith Jr. score a touchdown in his wheelchair thanks to some great sportsmanship: Learn how heroic 9-Year-Old Tristan Saghin saved his little sister using CPR: Watch how 8 year old Johnny Karlinchak creates a lemonade stand to help… Read more »

Giving Thanks to the Heroes of Hurricane Sandy

“During the darkness of the storm, I also think we saw what is brightest in America.” – President Barack Obama You may have heard about the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to millions of people in late October, 2012. Perhaps your family or someone you know was impacted? As is… Read more »