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Every Kid Deserves a Bike! Teacher Katie Blomquist Makes it Happen for Entire School!

Katie Blomquist, a 1st grade teacher at Pepperhill Elementary School in North Charleston, South Carolina, learned last year that one of her students wanted a bike for his birthday.  But his parents could not afford it. So, like most other people that you will find here on InspireMyKids, she decided… Read more »

Heros Among Us: Like Most Teachers, Sonya Romero Does Anything for Her Kids

You may have noticed something about most of your teachers. They care about you.  A lot.  Although you may not realize it, they spend a lot of their own time, money and energy to help their students become their best. Yet, rarely do teachers receive extraordinary praise for their extraordinary… Read more »

Professional Development Day at Port Chester Middle School!

Recently, InspireMyKids was privileged to be invited to Port Chester (NY) Middle School, by Principal extraordinaire, Pat Swift, to participate as part of their Professional Development day. The goal of the 3 sessions, which reached over 50 teachers, was to get them familiar with the site and then explore ways… Read more »

The Heart of It All – A Special Ed Teacher and Classroom Who Are Changing the World

We are amazed and inspired at the courage, determination, caring and positive actions of the people in our stories. Often their stories began with a small spark. Something moved them and they wanted to take action. Moving from inspiration to action is exactly what we hoped to create with inspiremykids.com. We search… Read more »