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Great Quotes for Kids about Patience and Self Control


“Patience” is word that you have probably heard a lot!  But you may wonder…”what on earth is patience, and why does everyone keep telling me to have it?” Patience is waiting for something or someone.  It is accepting delay without getting angry or upset. It is waiting for someone else to speak… Read more »

Steph Curry – Hard Work, Faith and Passion Create a Life of Impact

Stephen Curry

You may have heard of Steph Curry, a guard for basketball’s Golden State Warriors. Many people think he is the best shooter that ever played the sport! And, last year, he was the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Most Valuable Player and led his team to the Championship!   How did he… Read more »

Great Success Quotes for Students and Kids

Success Quotes for Students and Kids

What is success?  Everyone seems to think about it quite differently! While some people think that money or fame equals success, there is a lot more to it than that.  True success is not about things or status, but is about the kind of person you are and the positive impact you… Read more »

John Wooden on True Success


John Wooden was one of the most successful basketball players and coaches of all time. He was beloved by his teammates and players for his hard work, his drive, and his simple yet inspirational words of wisdom. In this video, John talks about his coaching career and his views on… Read more »