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Quincy Symonds – Inspiring 6 Year Old Surfs Past Medical Issues

Quincy Symonds is a 6 year old like no other. She is one of the best surfers and skateboarders for her age in the world.  If her athletic talents are not enough, she achieved them despite a serious medical condition she was born with called congenital adrenal hyperplasia.  The disease requires Quincy to take… Read more »

Videos of the Week 2/4/13 – Kid President and A.Skate

Here are two great videos to inspire you this week: Check out Kid President and his pep talk to all of us to wake up and make something awesome happen in the world! Learn about the A.skate Foundation who opens up new opportunities for children with Autism by helping them… Read more »

Role Model Videos of the Week 1/22/13

Here are two great videos of role models to inspire you this week. Check out blind skateboarder Tommy Carroll, who shows incredible courage since he first stepped on a board at age obstacles since age 10:     Meet Jeremiah Anthony who takes on cyberbullies at West High in Ames,… Read more »