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Leonardo da Vinci – A Man of Timeless Inspiration

Most people are familiar with the name Leonardo da Vinci, the great Renaissance man of the 15th and 16th centuries. But many don’t fully realize just how much this amazing man achieved in his lifetime! Here are just some of Leonardo’s incredible accomplishments: scientist artist inventor military engineer innovative machine designer… Read more »

Chi Chi Monet – 9 Year Old Rapper With a Great Rap!

Chi Chi Monet is a 9 year old singer and rapper from the Washington, DC area who is using her musical talent to inspire other kids to make good choices.  She focuses on issues like Bullying, Stranger Danger and Eating Well. Chi Chi became interested in music when she was… Read more »

Role Model Videos of the Week (12/3/12)

Here are 3 new stories and role models we learned about last week involving some very inspiring people! Meet Savannah Maddison Ogden a South Florida Girl who inspires kids to send 10,000 letters To troops In Afghanistan:   Learn about New York City Police Officer Larry DePrimo who bought shoes… Read more »

Harmony Project – Helping Kids Make Beautiful Music of Their Lives

One Sunday, Margaret Martin was at an outdoor market in Los Angeles. She was there watching her son play the violin, making music for people on the street to hear. While standing there, Margaret watched a group of tough-looking gang members approach her son. As she looked on, she saw the tough demeanors of… Read more »

Glee’s Imagine: An Inspirational Song Sung in an Amazing Way

The television show “Glee” is very popular, and the music it plays each week makes its viewers laugh, cry, and feel good all over. Never has this been more true than in the episode of the show in which the characters sang the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. The song “Imagine”,… Read more »

Emmanuel Kelly – From Heartbreak to Success in Music and in Life!

When Emmanuel Kelly auditioned for the X Factor, he hoped the judges would like his singing, and they did! But not only were the judges moved by his singing, they were also moved by his incredible story. You see, the beginning of Emmanuel’s life was anything but positive……..as babies, he… Read more »

Ronan Parke – His Golden Voice Has Made Him a Singing Star at Age 13!

Early in 2011, Ronan Parke was your typical English schoolboy, living in the small village of Poringland. But Ronan was also a boy with a dream, and in April 2011 he took a big step toward achieving that dream. That month, Ronan auditioned for British TV show Britain’s Got Talent,… Read more »

Maurice Cheeks – Basketball Player, NBA Coach and….Singer?

Maurice Cheeks is best known for his basketball skill – he is a talented, famous NBA coach and player. However, on April 25, 2003, Maurice took on a different role. On that day, he played the role of good Samaritan….. Before the start of the Trail Blazers NBA game that day, a… Read more »

P.S. 22 Chorus – A Musical Masterpiece, Elementary School Style

Public School 22 (P.S. 22) in Graniteville, New York is an elementary school much like many others in America. However, in one big way, this school is extraordinary! P.S. 22 has a chorus that was started in 2000 by music teacher Gregg Breinberg. Mr. B, as his students call him, makes the chorus… Read more »

Handicapped Band Staff Benda Bilili Inspires the World

Imagine that you live in one of the poorest countries on earth. Now imagine that you are also a paraplegic and live on the grounds of a zoo. What do you do? You focus on your abilities! Staff Benda Bilili is a band in Congo whose members have various physical ailments. They joined together… Read more »