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Kathrine Switzer – Breaking Women’s Barriers for 50 Years!

Kathrine Switzer loved to run. And she loved challenges. So when her college coach told her that a woman could not finish a (26.2 mile) marathon, she set out to prove him wrong! In 1967, Kathrine became the first woman ever to compete in the Boston Marathon. This was before… Read more »

Kevin Hart – Hard Work, Fitness and Fun Lead to Success On and Off the Stage

You may know of actor and comedian Kevin Hart from movies like Jumanji or Captain Underpants. He is becoming one of the world’s most famous celebrities. But it is not his fame that impresses us.  It is his drive.  It is his hard work.  It is his desire to help others. … Read more »

Team Hoyt – Maybe the World’s Most Inspirational Father and Son Team

Note: We originally featured this story in 2010 but wanted to bring back as The Hoyt’s will be honored with a bronze statue at the Boston Marathon this April! This is the story of a father’s incredible devotion to his son.   His son has cerebral palsy. Despite this, they have competed together… Read more »

Inspiring Role Model Videos of the Week – 4/1/2013

Check out Richard Turere, a 13 year old Kenyan boy and inventor. When Lions were attacking his family’s livestock, he invented a solar powered lighting system to keep the predators away!   By creating a new way to protect his cattle, he not only solved his own problem, but also helped… Read more »

Sami Stoner and Her Guide Dog – Best Friends and Teammates

Sami Stoner is a gifted athlete and a gifted human being. After a rare disease left Sami blind when she was 14 years old, she decided to focus her energies on what she loved to do rather than what she could not do. Sami loved to run. “If you love… Read more »

Katy Sullivan – 2008 Beijing Paralympian

Katy Sullivan was born without legs, but she didn’t let that stop her from living life to the fullest. After trying out various sports and even successfully pursuing a career in acting, Katy decided to get into running. In March 2006, she got a pair of carbon fiber legs and started running for… Read more »