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Paul Callahan – Sailing to Prevail and Inspiring Others to Do the Same

By any measure, Paul Callahan is an incredibly successful man. He is a husband, father, Harvard graduate, CEO of his own company, philanthropist, and world-class sailing expert. In fact, his sailing pursuits have taken him all the way to the Paralympics! But what makes Paul’s success even more tremendous is… Read more »

Disabled Sailing Association – Letting the Spirits of the Disabled Take Sail!

In 1979, at just 19, politician and philanthropist Sam Sullivan had a tragic ski accident that left him a quadruplegic. After struggling emotionally with his disability for several years, Sam came to realize that he wanted to live the most complete, fulfilling life he could despite his disability. And better yet, he… Read more »

Gridiron Heroes – Offering Seeds of Hope to Fallen Athletes

In 2001, Chris Canales was a star athlete on his high school football team. On November 2, 2001, he was having an incredible game, playing in top form. However, with one tragic hit, that all changed in an instant. That hit paralyzed Chris, ending his football career and altering his life forever. After his paralysis,… Read more »

Brandon Sulser – Disabled in Body, But Not in Spirit!

When the tragedy of a severe, life-changing injury happens, it is a devastating blow. But what if it happened not once but twice? This is exactly what happened to Brandon Sulser. When Brandon was 12, a fall from a mountain bike left him with severe head injuries that made him have… Read more »

Handicapped Band Staff Benda Bilili Inspires the World

Imagine that you live in one of the poorest countries on earth. Now imagine that you are also a paraplegic and live on the grounds of a zoo. What do you do? You focus on your abilities! Staff Benda Bilili is a band in Congo whose members have various physical ailments. They joined together… Read more »