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Molly Wogan – 13 Year Old Helps Man’s Best Friend Find Forever Homes!

Molly Wogan of Middleton, MA loves dogs! Especially rescue dogs! So much so, that decided to give up the biggest party of her life to help them! Molly’s family has two rescue dogs at home. When she learned that many dogs like hers lived in bad conditions or had their… Read more »

Hoshi and Zen – A Fluffy Duo Who Are Friends To The End!

Do you have a great friend?  Someone who is there for you in good times and in bad?  The story of Hoshi and Zen shows the power of friendship. Hoshi is an American Eskimo dog.  He had his eyes removed due to a disease when he was 11 years old. He… Read more »

10 Inspiring Quotes for Kids About Animals and Pets

Animals are some of the greatest friends and companions that we have.  Beyond friendship, they provide us with food, entertainment and love.  Some people, such as farmers, the blind and the sick, depend on them to live their lives.  How we treat and respect animals reflects who we are as… Read more »