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Stephen Wiltshire – An Autistic Artist with Incredible Vision

Stephen Wiltshire’s first words were “paper” and “pencil”…..not surprising, because he is now a world-renowned artist. But what is surprising is the fact that Stephen did not say these words until he was five years old! That is because Stephen is autistic. Despite his autism, Stephen possesses an incredible gift –… Read more »

Muffy Davis – A Detoured Dream Renewed by Determination

When Muffy Davis was a teenager, she was a talented and avid skier with hopes of competing in the Olympics. But in February 1989, that all changed when Muffy had a ski accident that left her a paraplegic. Devastated, she turned to other activities. But eventually, her passion for skiing… Read more »

DJ Gregory – An Inspirational Feat, One Tough Step at a Time

DJ Gregory was a man with a goal. It was a big goal related to his chosen sport of golf. His goal was that in the 2008 PGA Tour, he would walk every hole of every round of every tournament. This was something very few golfers did. But for DJ, it was… Read more »

One-Armed High School Football Receiver Inspires a Community

Chance Anthony is a senior starter for his high school football team. He was born with the lower part of his right arm missing. Yet even so, as the lead receiver for the team, his receptions have gone for over 200 yards and two touchdowns. He’s also had 12 solo… Read more »

Alex Holmes – Taking a Stand: From Bullied to Anti-Bullying Leader

Bullying is a worldwide issue. Alex Holmes, a teenager in England who got bullied himself, decided to take a stand.  He invented a role at his school called a “Student Anti-Bullying Coordinator”. Then he started organizing events, creating videos, running campaigns and getting other students involved as ambassadors, event leaders and bully… Read more »