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Never Too Old to Learn Something New!

Kenyan Kimani Maruge was 84 years old when he heard an announcement from the Kenyan government. The announcement said that the government would start to provide primary education for free. And Kimani, who had never gone to school, decided that he wanted an education! He went to the primary school in his… Read more »

Tyrone Curry – He Gave His Track Team Their Biggest Win of All

Tyrone Curry is a typical guy – he works as a school janitor, and after school he coaches the school’s track team. In one way though, Tyrone is not typical. You see, he is a millionaire, having won over $3 million in a state lottery. So Tyrone doesn’t have to work,… Read more »

Chinese Deaf Dancers – Dancing to Their Own Beat!

In China, there is an amazing group of dancers who stun audiences with their beautiful performances. But the most incredible thing about this group is that they perform their dances without being able to hear the music, because they are deaf! This video tells the story of these unique dancers from the China Disabled… Read more »

Liz Murray – From Homeless Girl to Harvard Graduate!

Liz Murray’s life  started off in a pretty typical way – she had two parents and a sister, and she had a home to live in with them. But that life quickly turned bad, because her parents were drug addicts who neglected Liz and her sister to support their habits. The addiction ended up destroying her family… Read more »

Walt Disney – From Defeat to Disneyworld

Walt Disney is best known as the incredibly successful founder of the Disney empire. But did you know that in his childhood and early adulthood, Walt faced incredible challenges and failures that threatened to destroy his dreams of being an artist, the dreams that led him to create the wonder of… Read more »

Celebrate Earth Day, One and All!

Earth Day, which falls on April 22 of each year, is a day to celebrate our planet and to help keep it as beautiful and healthy as it can be. Honoring the planet on Earth Day not only helps Earth today, but also helps ensure that the planet can be enjoyed by future generations. And there are… Read more »

Belize Uses Chess to Teach Kids Lessons About Life!

In the country of Belize, chess has become much more than a game. In an effort to help the many disadvantaged children of Belize, the Belize National Youth Chess Foundation runs classes and camps to teach the kids chess. The foundation uses the chess lessons as an educational and motivational tool. For these struggling children in… Read more »

P.S. 22 Chorus – A Musical Masterpiece, Elementary School Style

Public School 22 (P.S. 22) in Graniteville, New York is an elementary school much like many others in America. However, in one big way, this school is extraordinary! P.S. 22 has a chorus that was started in 2000 by music teacher Gregg Breinberg. Mr. B, as his students call him, makes the chorus… Read more »

Josh Waitzkin – A Master of Chess, Martial Arts, Learning, and Life!

When Josh Waitzkin was a young boy, he went to the park to play. But instead of playing on the swings or the slide, Josh decided he wanted to play something different – the game of chess. He had watched some men playing chess in the park, and his love of… Read more »

Never Too Young or Too Old to Make a Mark!

Do you think you’re too young to accomplish something great? Too old to make a difference? Well, take a look at the achievements of these people! They prove that age is just a number and that it’s all about your attitude. With hard work and determination, no matter what your age, you can make… Read more »