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Kayla Wheeler and Breanna Sprenger – Two Champions Making the Most of Their Gifts

Kayla Wheeler, a teenager from Lynnwood, Washington, was born with with no legs and only one arm. Yet, that has not stopped her from becoming a very, very full person! She is a record setting swimmer, plays piano, is an A student and a very happy person. At 16 years… Read more »

Koni Dole – High School Football Player Returns to Field One Year After Amputation

Koni Dole is a high school football player at Huntley Project High School in Montana. Just over one year ago, he broke his leg in a game. It was such a bad injury, that his leg became infected and had to be amputated. ‘As soon as I learned I might… Read more »

Cody McCasland – 10 Year Old Athlete Extraordinaire and Amputee

Have you ever given up on something because it was too hard?  Have you ever not tried something because you were afraid?  Have you not taken the time to think of a big goal you would like to accomplish in your life? If so, there is a lot that you… Read more »

Conner and Cayden Long – Inspirational Brothers and Sportskids of the Year

Conner Long is nine years old and his little brother Cayden is seven. They are from White House, Tennessee and both love sports.  However, only one of them can participate in sports.  The difference is that Cayden has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk or talk on his own. As… Read more »

Matt Stutzman – “A Foot Above the Competition”!

At age 29, Matt Stutzman has already accomplished a lot in his life….he is a husband, a father, an outdoorsman, and a world-class archer! But the best part of all is that Matt has achieved these things despite the fact that he was born with no arms…… Throughout his life, Matt has worked hard… Read more »

Gabriel Muniz – Chasing His Dream, Even with No Feet!

In many ways, Brazilian Gabriel Muniz is just a typical 11-year-old boy – he likes to play sports, hangs out with his friends, and dislikes homework. But in two very special ways, Gabriel Muniz is anything but typical. You see, at 11, Gabriel is already an extremely talented soccer player who has caught the attention… Read more »

Ahmed Kelly – Once an Orphan, Now an Aspiring Paralympian!

For Ahmed Kelly and his brother Emmanuel, life didn’t have the best start. They were born in the middle of a war zone and abandoned at an orphanage, both with severely deformed arms and legs. However, at the age of 6, the lives of Ahmed and Emmanuel were forever changed when… Read more »

Paul Callahan – Sailing to Prevail and Inspiring Others to Do the Same

By any measure, Paul Callahan is an incredibly successful man. He is a husband, father, Harvard graduate, CEO of his own company, philanthropist, and world-class sailing expert. In fact, his sailing pursuits have taken him all the way to the Paralympics! But what makes Paul’s success even more tremendous is… Read more »

First the Olympics, Now the Paralympics – It’s a Summer of Amazing Inspiration!

Over the past few weeks, the world watched in awe as the 10,000 athletes of the XXX Olympiad gave their all and inspired millions with their strength and determination. Some of the most touching stories of the London 2012 Olympics were the ones in which athletes overcame hardship to pursue their dreams.  If you… Read more »

Michael Milton – Unstoppable, Even on One Leg!

For Michael Milton, skiing was almost second nature. Born into a family of skiers, Michael learned to ski by the time he was three years old. But then when he was nine, tragedy struck. Michael was diagnosed with bone cancer, and as a result of the disease he lost a leg. At… Read more »