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Sean Lesniak – 11 Year Old is Making Waves to Save Sharks!

Like many young people, 11 year old Sean Lesniak is fascinated with sharks.  However, Sean is not just interested in learning about them and watching them, but about helping them to survive. Sean’s passion for sharks started very early in life.  When Sean was just 3 years old, while watching… Read more »

Arushi Madan – A 16 Year Old “Green Machine” Changing Her Community With Environmental Passion

Sixteen year old Arushi Madan from the United Arab Emirates just celebrated her 16th birthday. When you hear about all that she has done to help the environment in her sixteen years, you may not believe her age!   Like many young people we feature on IMK, Arushi’s accomplishments stem from her… Read more »

Not Your Average Summer Vacation! The Kallin Family Treks Across America

Kallin family

It is a good bet that you did not do what Nathan (9) and Maddy (8) Kallin of Dresden, Maine did this past summer!  With their parents, they became only the 16th young family to “thru-hike” the Appalachian Trail. So what does that mean? The Appalachian Trail is no ordinary… Read more »

Alec Loorz – Starting at Age 12, Environmental Activist Inspires Students to Take Action

A few years back, Alec Loorz was moved by watching the movie “Inconvenient Truth”. He decided to apply to become an official presenter for Al Gore. At first Alec was rejected for being too young. But later Mr. Gore learned Alec’s story and invited him to be a featured speaker. But Alec had not waited for Mr.… Read more »