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A Tribute to Dear Old Dad……

As we approach the holiday season, we celebrate and remember the importance of family. One of the most significant, special members of a family is a father. Dads serve faithfully in their roles as caregivers, mentors, playmates, providers, advice-givers,  guiding forces………the list goes on and on. In order to honor these incredibly special family leaders,… Read more »

Professional Development Day at Port Chester Middle School!

Recently, InspireMyKids was privileged to be invited to Port Chester (NY) Middle School, by Principal extraordinaire, Pat Swift, to participate as part of their Professional Development day. The goal of the 3 sessions, which reached over 50 teachers, was to get them familiar with the site and then explore ways… Read more »

Spark Mentoring Program – Motivating Kids Toward Success!

In America today, it is estimated that 30% of high school students become dropouts. In order to change this statistic and help kids become more motivated, teachers Chris Balme and Melia Dicker created the Spark mentoring program. The Spark program tries to motivate each kid toward success by asking them… Read more »

Apollo 11 Moon Landing – “One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind”

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These were the words astronaut Neil Armstrong spoke on July 20, 1969, as he became the first man to ever step foot on the moon. On that historic day, after years of research and careful planning, the dream of… Read more »

Glee’s Imagine: An Inspirational Song Sung in an Amazing Way

The television show “Glee” is very popular, and the music it plays each week makes its viewers laugh, cry, and feel good all over. Never has this been more true than in the episode of the show in which the characters sang the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. The song “Imagine”,… Read more »

Inspire My Kids Posts – Our Top Eleven Picks!

In November 2011, Inspire My Kids will celebrate our first full year of inspiring kids! Now that this first anniversary is upon us, it’s time to look back on this amazing first year and reflect on which posts have made the greatest impact. In that spirit, here are what we believe to… Read more »

Hands Across the Water – Reaching Out to Those in Need!

In 2005, Peter Baines was an Australian police officer and forensic expert who was asked to help with recovery efforts in Thailand after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. This was a tsunami that came out of the Indian Ocean and killed more than 300,000 people. When Peter went to Thailand, he was heartbroken at… Read more »

Brad Cohen – From Misunderstood Boy to Outstanding Success

Brad Cohen is a husband, father, second grade teacher, and author. And, oh yeah, he has Tourette Syndrome. Although Brad has a severe case of Tourette Syndrome, which causes him to have facial tics and make “barking noises”, he has not let it stop him from finding success in life.… Read more »

Jessica Cox – Surefooted and Defying the Odds

Jessica Cox is a young woman who has already accomplished a lot in her life. She has graduated college, begun a career as a motivational speaker, earned two blackbelts in Tae Kwon Do, and even learned to fly a plane! But even more amazing is the fact that Jessica has attained… Read more »

Never Too Old to Learn Something New!

Kenyan Kimani Maruge was 84 years old when he heard an announcement from the Kenyan government. The announcement said that the government would start to provide primary education for free. And Kimani, who had never gone to school, decided that he wanted an education! He went to the primary school in his… Read more »