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Liz Murray – From Homeless Girl to Harvard Graduate!

Liz Murray’s life  started off in a pretty typical way – she had two parents and a sister, and she had a home to live in with them. But that life quickly turned bad, because her parents were drug addicts who neglected Liz and her sister to support their habits. The addiction ended up destroying her family… Read more »

P.S. 22 Chorus – A Musical Masterpiece, Elementary School Style

Public School 22 (P.S. 22) in Graniteville, New York is an elementary school much like many others in America. However, in one big way, this school is extraordinary! P.S. 22 has a chorus that was started in 2000 by music teacher Gregg Breinberg. Mr. B, as his students call him, makes the chorus… Read more »

Josh Waitzkin – A Master of Chess, Martial Arts, Learning, and Life!

When Josh Waitzkin was a young boy, he went to the park to play. But instead of playing on the swings or the slide, Josh decided he wanted to play something different – the game of chess. He had watched some men playing chess in the park, and his love of… Read more »

Kids with Diabetes – Just Trying to Live Normal Lives

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people. And for a kid with diabetes, it is a challenging effort just to have a normal childhood! Daily, a diabetic kid must monitor blood sugar levels, be cautious about which foods to eat, and take doses of insulin. These things and other complications make it… Read more »

Never Too Young or Too Old to Make a Mark!

Do you think you’re too young to accomplish something great? Too old to make a difference? Well, take a look at the achievements of these people! They prove that age is just a number and that it’s all about your attitude. With hard work and determination, no matter what your age, you can make… Read more »

Inspiring Graduation Speech by Autistic Student

Doctors didn’t offer Judith and Dennis Duquette much hope about their son, Eric. He was autistic, they explained, and likely would end up in an institution. “Good call,” the 18-year-old salutatorian joked at his graduation Tuesday. “Today I stand before you accepted into every institution of higher learning that I applied to, so… Read more »

Kids’ Books Can Give Lessons for Life

Life has its ups and downs, and for a kid, the downs can sometimes be overwhelming. Experiences such as a death in the family, a bullying situation, or even a move can have a significant impact on a kid. Oftentimes, when faced with difficult situations, kids are reluctant to express the confusion or… Read more »

Patrick Henry Hughes – Inspirational Story

Patrick Henry Hughes is a student at the University of Louisville. He was born blind and crippled in both his legs and arms. Yet now he plays the piano beautifully and “marches” in the Louisville marching band. This video tells Patrick’s inspirational story. Additional Resources: Here is an article all about Patrick. Find… Read more »