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The Kiran Centre – A Place Where “Souls Rise to the Surface”!

On a typical day at the Kiran Centre in India, among other things, you will find one person learning to make toys, another studying literature and learning public speaking, and yet another playing on a trampoline! The Kiran Centre is a wonderful place where skills are taught, talents are developed, and lives… Read more »

Geeta Castelino – Realizing Her Dreams Despite Her Disability

When Geeta Castelino was two years old, she was diagnosed with polio, a disease that took away her speech and caused her to lose the use of her feet and her right hand. But Geeta had dreams of a happy life, and she wasn’t going to let her polio get in the way of… Read more »

Twelve in Twelve – A Family Making a Difference, One Country at a Time!

Think about your everyday life – school, family, friends, hobbies, etc. Can you imagine giving it all up for a year? Well, that is exactly what the Lewis family did. J.D. Lewis and his sons Jackson, age 14, and Buck, age 9, put their lives on hold for an entire year… Read more »

Kamael Sugrim – “mPowering” the Poor to Improve their Lives!

Kamael Sugrim graduated from Stanford University in 2005. As such, she was lucky enough to be present for the famous commencement address Steve Jobs gave at Stanford that year. In fact, it was Steve Jobs’ speech that inspired Kamael to take part in founding an organization called mPowering that helps change the lives… Read more »

Dylan Mahalingam – A Worldwide Phenomenon at Only 16!

Dylan Mahalingam is 16 years old, and in many ways he is a typical teenage boy. He plays sports, is a black-belt in karate, enjoys math and science in school, and loves to play musical instruments. But in one very important way, Dylan is anything but typical. You see, Dylan… Read more »

Neha Gupta – A Family Tradition Brings Hope to Orphans in India

When Neha Gupta was a little girl, her family taught her about family traditions. One of them was to visit India a few times a year to volunteer in an orphanage there.  So early on, Neha saw firsthand the poor conditions these orphans lived in.  By the time she was 9, Neha realized that… Read more »

The Power of Unity – Take the First Step and the Rest Will Follow

Here is a video of an inspirational young man who took action and inspired others to do the same. Additional Resources: Here’s another inspiremykids story about how one person can make a difference! Here’s a website with a video about how geese use the power of teamwork! Topics for Discussion:… Read more »

Butterflies – Inspiring Program That Works with Children In Need

Butterflies is a wonderful program in India that works with kids in need. The program contains four shelters and 12 educational centers for kids. The program helps 1,000 children in New Delhi and is democratic, meaning it allow kids to be involved in decision-making. This video show the Butterflies program in action! Additional Resources: Here… Read more »