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The Lego Story – Never Give Up!

Did you ever wonder where Legos come from?  A box?  A toy store? A factory? Yes. But where did they first come from? Who invented them? What was that person’s story? How did they do it? When you learn about the Lego Story, you will be surprised! The Lego Story… Read more »

Great Creativity Quotes for Kids!

Do you like to think about things that don’t yet exist? Do you like to solve problems or invent things? Do you like new ideas, trying new things, building, writing, drawing or acting?  All of these, are your creativity at work! Creativity is one of the superpowers that can help… Read more »

Captain Underpants Author Dav Pilkey – The Super Power of Imagination!

Dav Pilkey, the inventor of Captain Underpants, has achieved some great success in his life. Although he had awesome parents who always supported him, things did start out so great for him as a young student. He was criticized in school by his teachers. He had a hard time focusing… Read more »