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Jake Olson – A Young Man Loses His Sight, But Finds His Way

When he was 9 years old, cancer forced the removal of Jake Olson’s left eye. After that, he overcame the return of cancer eight times…but the ninth time proved too much and his right eye also had to be removed. But Jake’s courage and optimism in the face of potential blindness has… Read more »

6 Year Old Tommy Morrissey – One Armed Golfer Shows Nothing Is Impossible!

Tommy Morrissey loves to play golf. He is really, really, good at it. At only 6 years old, he is just getting started.  It is very unusual for someone so young to be so good! But that is just the start.  What is even more amazing, is that Tommy plays… Read more »

Sky Sudberry – 10 Year Old Golf Champion Has The Right Attitude

Did you know that there is a World Championship held each year for children who play golf?  Sky Sudberry knows about it because, along with thousands of other kids from around the world, she has participated in it several times. Sky is a 5th grader at The Woodlands Preparatory School near… Read more »