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Abdul Muqeet – The Paper Bag Boy

Abdul Muqeet is a young man on a mission to save the environment, starting in his hometown of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. When he was just 8 years old, he learned from his mom just how bad plastic bags are for the environment.  Did you… Read more »

Polar Bear Camp? Inspiring Kids to Make a Difference with the Environment

Well, it’s not exactly a camp run by polar bears! It’s more like a camp run every year during polar bear migration time. And it’s run by Polar Bears International (PBI). Polar Bears International is the world’s leading polar bear protection group.  They focus on saving bears from the many problems they face… Read more »

Alec Loorz – Starting at Age 12, Environmental Activist Inspires Students to Take Action

A few years back, Alec Loorz was moved by watching the movie “Inconvenient Truth”. He decided to apply to become an official presenter for Al Gore. At first Alec was rejected for being too young. But later Mr. Gore learned Alec’s story and invited him to be a featured speaker. But Alec had not waited for Mr.… Read more »

Earth Day 2012 – Taking Care of Our Home and Preserving Our Future

Every spring, on April 22, the world marks one of its most important observances – Earth Day! Why is it so significant? Earth Day is extremely important because it’s all about the future of the planet we call home! Earth Day celebrates the earth we have and strongly encourages all people to… Read more »

Our Children’s Trust Climate-Change Lawsuit – Fighting for a Better Tomorrow

It is often said that the world is not what it used to be. In some ways, this is great news! Things like advances in medicine, new technologies and inventions, and greater equality for all have made life today better than ever before. But in one significant way, the world is changing for… Read more »

Celebrate Earth Day, One and All!

Earth Day, which falls on April 22 of each year, is a day to celebrate our planet and to help keep it as beautiful and healthy as it can be. Honoring the planet on Earth Day not only helps Earth today, but also helps ensure that the planet can be enjoyed by future generations. And there are… Read more »

Just Five Minutes a Day…….

Do you have five minutes to spare today? Almost everyone can find five minutes of free time in even the busiest of days. And if you can spare just five minutes a day, you can actually help change the world for the better! Here are some examples of “world improvements”… Read more »

Amazing Animals Who Travel the World!

You often hear stories about extraordinary people who travel the world. But what about animals? When faced with challenges to their safety or well-being, animals often perform these same kinds of feats! For instance, global warming has forced polar bears to swim hundreds of miles in search of the food and… Read more »