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Chess – Ancient Game Inspires New Dreams for Kids Around the World!

Chess may have been invented in the 6th century, but it’s creating new dreams each day for kids around the USA and the world. How could that be?  Well, it has helped them find something they can focus on and be great at.  And since a game of chess only… Read more »

Think You Don’t Need Math? Think Again…..It’s All Around You!

Do you ever get bored sitting in math class, wondering why you even need to learn the stuff in the first place? Well, this feeling is not too unusual. But the truth is, learning and using math is something that plays an amazingly important role in your life! From the moment you… Read more »

Cathy Rush – “Dreams Are For Everyone”!

In 1971, there were many in the world who still believed that a woman’s potential for success was limited. Enter Cathy Rush, the young wife of a basketball referee who had just taken a job as head women’s basketball coach at Immaculata College in suburban Philadelphia. Immaculata was a very small Catholic girls’… Read more »

Want to Change the World? Learn How to Code!

Do you like using computers? Online games? Apps? Tablets? If so, you are not alone. Most kids today are big users and fans of technology. But where do all of these awesome games, websites and apps come from? All of them, in some way, were created by computer programmers or… Read more »

Great Sportsmanship Quotes for Kids

“What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player.” This quote, from legendary basketball coach John Wooden, defines just what sportsmanship is all about. While it’s great to excel in sports, dance, theater, art, science, or whatever else interests you, it is even… Read more »

First the Olympics, Now the Paralympics – It’s a Summer of Amazing Inspiration!

Over the past few weeks, the world watched in awe as the 10,000 athletes of the XXX Olympiad gave their all and inspired millions with their strength and determination. Some of the most touching stories of the London 2012 Olympics were the ones in which athletes overcame hardship to pursue their dreams.  If you… Read more »

Caine’s Arcade – One Boy’s Cardboard Dream Come True!

Caine Monroy is a 9-year-old boy from East L.A. In the summer, he hangs out at his dad’s workplace, a used auto parts shop. To amuse himself while there, Caine often played with cardboard boxes at the shop. One day, Caine decided to do more than just play……he started to build. Out of… Read more »

Kylie Copenhagen – At Only Six Years Old, She Invented a Board Game!

Kylie Copenhagen was your average first grader, assigned a class project to make a game about an insect. And the insect Kylie liked most was the ladybug, so it became the subject of her game. But after the project was done, Kylie and her family found themselves still playing the game again and… Read more »

The Ultimate Act of Sportsmanship

Here is an inspiring story of sportmanship, on the field, in women’s college softball. To see the actual events as they unfolded, check out the video taken by one of the players’ moms: Additional Resources: Here is a video about what happened at the game. Here is an article that tells… Read more »