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Jake Olson – A Young Man Loses His Sight, But Finds His Way

When he was 9 years old, cancer forced the removal of Jake Olson’s left eye. After that, he overcame the return of cancer eight times…but the ninth time proved too much and his right eye also had to be removed. But Jake’s courage and optimism in the face of potential blindness has… Read more »

The Dutch Destroyer – 10 Year Old Lukas Kusters Legacy of Courage and Gratitude

Lukas Kusters grew up in Wilmington, Deleware loving the sport of football! He was so good at it that he became known by his team as “The Dutch Destroyer”.  His dream was to one day play in the National Football League (NFL) for his favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles. When… Read more »

JJ Watt – Dream Big, Work Hard, Help Others

Dream Big, Work Hard, Help Others.  Those words define NFL player JJ Watt’s approach to life and his recipe for success on and off the field.  Although JJ, who plays for the Houston Texans, is perhaps the best defensive player in the National Football League (NFL), he is just as… Read more »

Aaron Rodgers – Underappreciated, Underdog, Unbelievable

For many years, Aaron Rodgers has been among the top rated quarterbacks in the National Football League. He is also a Super Bowl Champion and MVP. But his success did not come easy. In fact, Rodgers was not even offered a scholarship to play college football. And he almost quit… Read more »

JJ Watt – Dream Big, Work Hard

Dream Big, Work Hard.  Those four words define NFL player JJ Watt’s approach to life and his recipe for success on and off the field.  Although JJ is perhaps the best defensive player in the NFL he is just as focused on being the best human being he can be.… Read more »

Kevin Curwick – High School QB Takes on Bullying One Tweet at a Time

Kevin Curwick is a senior at Osseo High School in Minnesota and also the captain of the school’s football team.  Kevin does not have to worry about being bullied himself, but he has made it a priority to care for others who are being bullied. In fact, after seeing many… Read more »

6 Year Old Danny Keefe – His Special ‘Band of Brothers’ Takes on Bullying

Danny Keefe, a kindergartner at Mitchell Elementary School in Bridgewater, MA, is also the official water coach for the Division 5 Badgers Peewee Football Team. Danny is not only an important part of the football team, but a very unique dresser. He likes to wear a tie, suit and fedora… Read more »

Jack Wellman – SI SportsKid of the Year Helps Newtown Rise

Last year, we were thrilled to share the wonderful and inspiring story of 2012 SI SportsKids of the Year, Caden and Conner Long. This year, we are equally excited to spread the uplifting story of 14 year old Jack Wellman, a multi-sport athlete from Newtown, CT who was just named 2013… Read more »

Koni Dole – High School Football Player Returns to Field One Year After Amputation

Koni Dole is a high school football player at Huntley Project High School in Montana. Just over one year ago, he broke his leg in a game. It was such a bad injury, that his leg became infected and had to be amputated. ‘As soon as I learned I might… Read more »

Angelo Whittis – From Homeless to Honor Roll and Champion QB

Angelo Whittis has grown up without a solid family life. He was moved from relative to relative, sleeping on couches and in cars. He struggled both in school and out of school. He became one of over 1 million homeless children in the United States. Then, everything changed. When he… Read more »