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Katie’s Krops – Her Gardens Grow to Help Thousands!

Katie Stagliano was in third grade when she took part in a special school project. For the project, she brought home a cabbage seedling, planted it, and nurtured it as it grew. Under her care, her cabbage grew incredibly big, weighing in at 40 pounds! Katie decided to donate her huge cabbage to a soup… Read more »

Jorge Munoz – An Angel in Queens

At 5’2”, Queens resident Jorge Munoz might not seem to have a big presence. But every night at 9:30, when he heads to a subway stop near his home, Jorge is the man of the hour. That is because every night, Jorge brings a hot dinner to over a hundred people in… Read more »

Blessings in a Backpack – Feeding Hungry Kids, One Backpack-ful At a Time!

Stockbroker Stan Curtis realized that there are many kids in America who have food provided to them at school during the week but who have little or no food on the weekends. And so, in 2005, Stan began a wonderful program that helps provide weekend food to kids who need it.… Read more »