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Katie’s Krops: Teenager Katie Stagliano ‘Grows It Forward’ To Help the Hungry

When she was just 9 years old, Katie Stagliano planted a cabbage seed in a garden outside her house. She cared for it every day by watering it, weeding it and giving it plant food.  It grew to be HUGE! Forty pounds huge! Katie wanted to do something special with… Read more »

Joshua’s Heart: A Remarkable Boy, Joshua Williams, Takes on World Hunger

You are never too young to make a difference. Since he was 5 years old, Joshua Williams has been accomplishing big things with his goal to end hunger. After seeing a tv commercial that showed children who were starving around the world, Joshua was moved to do something about it.… Read more »

Birke Baehr – 11-year-old Wants to Change How We Eat

At eight years old, Birke heard a news story about mercury in high fructose corn syrup. He asked his mother what high fructose corn syrup was. Once he found out what it was and how much of our food contains it, he decided to learn what else is in our food. Today,… Read more »

Birch Community Services – Giving New Meaning to the Word Community!

In the early 1990s, Barry and Suzanne Birch learned from friends that bread was going to waste at some establishments in their area. Knowing that this food could feed the poor, they began picking the bread up and distributing it to those in need. Before they knew it, their house was full of bread… Read more »

Sweet Blessings – Bringing Birthday Magic Where It’s Needed Most!

UPDATE: Sweet Blessings has been named one of five regional finalists for Best New Charity for the Stay Classy Awards, America’s biggest philanthropy awards ceremony! You can help them win by voting using this link and clicking on South and then Best New Charity division! On your birthday, a wonderful… Read more »

Peyton’s Promise – “Making the World a Better Place, One Can at a Time”!

When Peyton Medick was eight years old, she watched a TV news show that talked about hunger in America. She learned about a boy who, at 5 years old, did not know what breakfast, lunch, and dinner were. Heartbroken, Peyton knew she had to do something to help. Peyton realized… Read more »

Phoebe Russell – Never Too Young to Make a Difference

Do you think you’re too young to make a difference? Well, think again! At only 5 years old, Phoebe Russell saw hungry people in her community, and she decided to do something about it….. Phoebe had seen people on a street one day holding up signs asking for food. She didn’t quite understand what it… Read more »

Iced Capades Cakery – Bringing Birthday Treats to Those Who Need Them Most!

On your birthday, one very special part is celebrating with a treat such as a cake or cupcakes. However, for kids in shelters who are struggling just to get by, often a birthday treat is not a possibility. Two very special teenagers realized this fact, and they decided to do something about… Read more »

“Let’s Move” – Creating a Happier, Healthier Future for America’s Kids!

After President Obama was elected in 2008, his wife Michelle wasted no time in getting to work on her own projects to help America be the best it can be. One of the primary tasks Michelle took on was the creation of a program called “Let’s Move”. This program, which is… Read more »

World Water Day – Helping Make the Dream of Clean Water for All a Reality!

On March 22 each year, the world marks an important occasion – World Water Day! This day serves as a reminder to all about just how crucial water is for the well-being of the world, both now and in the future. Right now, about 1 billion people on the planet live each day without clean… Read more »