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12 Year Old “Grace the Slime Lover” Builds an Empire of Slime!

Grace is a 12 year old girl from Connecticut with a love of….slime!  She liked to play with it and then, with the help of some YouTube videos, she started to make it. In fact, she likes slime so much, she started a slime business called “Grace the Slime Lover”!… Read more »

11-year-old Mikaila Ulmer – Building a Lemonade Empire with Love and Bees!

11-year-old Mikaila Ulmer from Texas is building a lemonade empire, and hoping to save honey bees in the process! It all started when Mikaila was 4 years old and she was stung by a bee twice in one week! This prompted her to become very scared whenever bees were near.… Read more »

Peace, Love and Cookies: 10 Year Old Entrepreneur Cory Nieves Rakes in the Dough and Spreads Goodness

Cory Nieves

Cory Nieves, a 10 year old from Englewood, NJ has created an amazing cookie business, Mr. Cory’s Cookies, which now sells more than 1,000 cookies a week! Back in 2009, Cory told his mom that he was tired of taking the bus to school and wanted to buy his family a car. He… Read more »

Mo’s Bows – Giving Style and Now Giving Back

Meet Mo (Moziah Bridges), one of the snappiest dressing 10 year olds you will ever meet! Mo is also the founder and CEO of Mo’s Bows, a company he started to make and sell one of his favorite clothing items: Bow Ties! When he was just 4 years, Mo already… Read more »

Jason O’Neill – Giving Back for a Great Cause

Teddy bears fill the home of child entrepreneur Jason O’Neill. The teddy bears are every size, shape, and color, and they nearly take over the house. This is because Jason collects these teddy bears in order to donate them to sick children at Christmastime. This video tells the story of Jason and his Christmas teddy… Read more »