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Lilly Diuble – 12 Year Old Girl Going Blind Has Great Vision to Help Others

Lilly Diuble

At birth, Lilly Diuble was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, a rare disease that causes people to go blind and deaf.  At 12 years old, Lilly still has some sight and hearing, but it is fading. Yet, her condition has not led her into a world of pity, but one of… Read more »

Chinese Deaf Dancers – Dancing to Their Own Beat!

In China, there is an amazing group of dancers who stun audiences with their beautiful performances. But the most incredible thing about this group is that they perform their dances without being able to hear the music, because they are deaf! This video tells the story of these unique dancers from the China Disabled… Read more »

Ashley Fiolek – Deaf Female Motorcross Champion

This is the story of Ashley Fiolek, female motorcross champion. Ashley has been deaf her whole life! She recently wrote a book called “Kicking Up Dirt” that tells her inspirational story. This video tells Ashley’s story as well. Additional Resources: Check out Ashley’s website! Here is another video called “At Home With Ashley Fiolek”. Topics… Read more »