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For Reading That’s Fun, Dr. Seuss Is the One!

On March 2 each year, America celebrates a very special event called Read Across America. This event takes place in order to emphasize the fun and importance of reading, and it is celebrated on the birthday of one of the all-time greatest children’s authors, Dr. Seuss! Also known as Theodor… Read more »

The Tutu Lady – Delivering Fun and Joy Where They’re Needed Most!

In April 2011, Laura Pita was a busy mom of four boys. On top of that, she was in the midst of a difficult time, supporting her mom and her son as both battled cancer. In order to keep her mind busy during this time, Laura decided to make a tutu for her niece. As she… Read more »

Why Can’t Playgrounds Be For Special Needs Kids Too?

“How come we never see a child with a disability at a park?” This casual remark from the parent of a child with a developmental disability inspired the idea of Kilikili, an organization dedicated to creating play spaces for ALL children, including those with disabilities. The founders of Kilikili realized… Read more »

Benjamin’s Hope – A Place Where We All Belong

At 15 months old, Benjamin Mason was a typical toddler with a budding vocabulary and an active curiosity. But then, over the next few months, Benjamin started to withdraw, losing his vocabulary and turning completely inward. Doctors diagnosed Benjamin as having profound autism. Despite his autism, the Masons tried to give Benjamin a normal life. However, his severe autism made it… Read more »

Victory Gardens – A Blast From the Past That’s Blooming Today!

During World War II, many people had victory gardens. These were gardens that people planted in order to ease food supply shortages that occurred during the war. A victory garden was regarded as a patriotic way to help the war effort. Today, victory gardens have had a resurgence. With the recent… Read more »

Emily’s Smile Boxes – Bringing a Little Joy to Sick Kids and Their Families!

In 2008, 9-year-old Emily Lites became a big sister when her little brother Jude was born. However, Jude was not your average little brother. Jude had suffered a stroke before he was born and as a result was brain-damaged. Because of Jude’s condition, Emily spent a lot of time in hospitals… Read more »

Twelve in Twelve – A Family Making a Difference, One Country at a Time!

Think about your everyday life – school, family, friends, hobbies, etc. Can you imagine giving it all up for a year? Well, that is exactly what the Lewis family did. J.D. Lewis and his sons Jackson, age 14, and Buck, age 9, put their lives on hold for an entire year… Read more »

Harmony Project – Helping Kids Make Beautiful Music of Their Lives

One Sunday, Margaret Martin was at an outdoor market in Los Angeles. She was there watching her son play the violin, making music for people on the street to hear. While standing there, Margaret watched a group of tough-looking gang members approach her son. As she looked on, she saw the tough demeanors of… Read more »

Words To Live By……

Sometimes it can be tough being a kid. The “roller coaster ride” of school, homework, sports, activities, family relationships, and peer interactions can be overwhelming at times. It can be hard to know just how to handle it all! When the going gets tough, many people, adults and kids alike, turn to words of wisdom… Read more »

Our Children’s Trust Climate-Change Lawsuit – Fighting for a Better Tomorrow

It is often said that the world is not what it used to be. In some ways, this is great news! Things like advances in medicine, new technologies and inventions, and greater equality for all have made life today better than ever before. But in one significant way, the world is changing for… Read more »