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Wyatt Erber – The Biggest of Hearts in a Very Small Package!


Wyatt Erber is only 8 years old, but when it comes to compassion and kind-heartedness, he has got it in the bag! This past summer, Wyatt participated in a scavenger hunt and won a big prize – $1,000! But the real treasure came shortly after Wyatt’s victory…. Wyatt’s neighbor, Cara, is… Read more »

Gabriel Muniz – Chasing His Dream, Even with No Feet!

Gabriel Muniz – Chasing His Dream, Even with No Feet!

In many ways, Brazilian Gabriel Muniz is just a typical 11-year-old boy – he likes to play sports, hangs out with his friends, and dislikes homework. But in two very special ways, Gabriel Muniz is anything but typical. You see, at 11, Gabriel is already an extremely talented soccer player who has caught the attention… Read more »

Ahmed Kelly – Once an Orphan, Now an Aspiring Paralympian!


For Ahmed Kelly and his brother Emmanuel, life didn’t have the best start. They were born in the middle of a war zone and abandoned at an orphanage, both with severely deformed arms and legs. However, at the age of 6, the lives of Ahmed and Emmanuel were forever changed when… Read more »

Paul Callahan – Sailing to Prevail and Inspiring Others to Do the Same


By any measure, Paul Callahan is an incredibly successful man. He is a husband, father, Harvard graduate, CEO of his own company, philanthropist, and world-class sailing expert. In fact, his sailing pursuits have taken him all the way to the Paralympics! But what makes Paul’s success even more tremendous is… Read more »

Animal Rescue: What You Can Do!


Animals truly are amazing creatures, holding a very important place in our world. In the lives of humans, animals provide countless treasures, including joy, beauty, companionship, assistance, and sustenance! But sadly, as special as all animals are, there are many whose lives are filled with neglect and abuse. In America alone, 5 to 7 million animals… Read more »

Kids Helping Kids Fix Broken Hearts – The Name Says It All!


In 2008, the Kladar family of Idaho took a trip to Mexico. While there, they visited a poor medical clinic in a rural part of the country. When visiting this place, the Kladar kids -10-year-old Sarah, 8-year-old Emily, 7-year-old Thomas, 3-year-old Will, and baby Ellie – realized that kids just… Read more »

Olivia Bouler – Her Passion is “For the Birds”!


12-year-old Olivia Bouler has always had a love of two things – artistry, namely drawing and painting, and the birds she sees as she and her family enjoy the outdoors. In particular, Olivia loves the birds she sees when visiting family in the Gulf of Mexico. So when the Gulf of Mexico… Read more »

The Kiran Centre – A Place Where “Souls Rise to the Surface”!

The Kiran Centre – A Place Where “Souls Rise to the Surface”!

On a typical day at the Kiran Centre in India, among other things, you will find one person learning to make toys, another studying literature and learning public speaking, and yet another playing on a trampoline! The Kiran Centre is a wonderful place where skills are taught, talents are developed, and lives… Read more »