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Kids Helping Kids Fix Broken Hearts – The Name Says It All!

In 2008, the Kladar family of Idaho took a trip to Mexico. While there, they visited a poor medical clinic in a rural part of the country. When visiting this place, the Kladar kids -10-year-old Sarah, 8-year-old Emily, 7-year-old Thomas, 3-year-old Will, and baby Ellie – realized that kids just… Read more »

Olivia Bouler – Her Passion is “For the Birds”!

12-year-old Olivia Bouler has always had a love of two things – artistry, namely drawing and painting, and the birds she sees as she and her family enjoy the outdoors. In particular, Olivia loves the birds she sees when visiting family in the Gulf of Mexico. So when the Gulf of Mexico… Read more »

The Kiran Centre – A Place Where “Souls Rise to the Surface”!

On a typical day at the Kiran Centre in India, among other things, you will find one person learning to make toys, another studying literature and learning public speaking, and yet another playing on a trampoline! The Kiran Centre is a wonderful place where skills are taught, talents are developed, and lives… Read more »

Caine’s Arcade – One Boy’s Cardboard Dream Come True!

Caine Monroy is a 9-year-old boy from East L.A. In the summer, he hangs out at his dad’s workplace, a used auto parts shop. To amuse himself while there, Caine often played with cardboard boxes at the shop. One day, Caine decided to do more than just play……he started to build. Out of… Read more »

Miss Amazing Inc. – Giving the Word Pageant A Whole New Meaning

For Jordan Somer, pageants have always been a very positive part of her life, helping her to find self-confidence, define and achieve goals, and feel good about herself. As a teenager, Jordan added another source of inspiration to her life when she helped out with the Special Olympics. The Special… Read more »

Peyton’s Promise – “Making the World a Better Place, One Can at a Time”!

When Peyton Medick was eight years old, she watched a TV news show that talked about hunger in America. She learned about a boy who, at 5 years old, did not know what breakfast, lunch, and dinner were. Heartbroken, Peyton knew she had to do something to help. Peyton realized… Read more »

Timmy “Mini” Tyrrell – “Burn Rubber to Help Another”

Eight-year-old Timmy Tyrrell goes by the nickname “Mini”, but his heart and his dedication to helping others are anything but. When Mini learned that his friend Ella got cancer, he wanted to help, and he knew just what he could do….. Mini loves go-kart racing, so he decided to take this passion and use… Read more »

Wheels to Africa – Sending Bikes to Those Who Need them Most!

When teenager Winston Duncan was 10 years old, he and his family took a trip to Africa. What started out as a vacation turned into the inspiration for a wonderful way to help the poor African people Winston saw on his trip….. During his trip, Winston saw a boy and… Read more »

Phoebe Russell – Never Too Young to Make a Difference

Do you think you’re too young to make a difference? Well, think again! At only 5 years old, Phoebe Russell saw hungry people in her community, and she decided to do something about it….. Phoebe had seen people on a street one day holding up signs asking for food. She didn’t quite understand what it… Read more »

Adele’s Literacy Library – Bringing the Joy of Reading to All Kids!

Like many teenage girls, Adele Taylor has a passion for reading. However, for Adele, simply reading on her own was not enough. Adele’s passion for reading made her realize that all kids should be able to have the gift of reading, and that reading could help kids be successful in… Read more »