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Kids with Diabetes – Just Trying to Live Normal Lives

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people. And for a kid with diabetes, it is a challenging effort just to have a normal childhood! Daily, a diabetic kid must monitor blood sugar levels, be cautious about which foods to eat, and take doses of insulin. These things and other complications make it… Read more »

Never Too Young or Too Old to Make a Mark!

Do you think you’re too young to accomplish something great? Too old to make a difference? Well, take a look at the achievements of these people! They prove that age is just a number and that it’s all about your attitude. With hard work and determination, no matter what your age, you can make… Read more »

Neha Gupta – A Family Tradition Brings Hope to Orphans in India

When Neha Gupta was a little girl, her family taught her about family traditions. One of them was to visit India a few times a year to volunteer in an orphanage there.  So early on, Neha saw firsthand the poor conditions these orphans lived in.  By the time she was 9, Neha realized that… Read more »

Baubles of Brotherly Love From Eight Teenage Girls

In 2007, eight girls from New York watched Oprah’s TV show one day. The show was called “The Little Boy That Oprah Couldn’t Forget”. It was about a boy from Ghana, Africa who had been sold into slavery, a practice that happens in that country every day. The story touched their hearts and… Read more »

Talia Leman – Just a “Random Kid” Who’s Helping Change the World

When Talia Leman was 10, she thought she was just an ordinary kid. One day, she was watching TV and saw Hurricane Katrina in the news. She felt sad for the people in the hurricane and wanted to help. She set a goal of raising $1 million and came up with a plan. Her plan was… Read more »

Ashlee Smith – Bringing Back Toys and Hope to Kids Who Have Lost Them

When Ashlee Smith was young, she suffered a tragedy. Her family had a house fire, and Ashlee lost her favorite things – her toys. Ashlee’s dad is a firefighter, so Ashlee saw her tragedy happen to other kids as well. In 2007, after her dad fought a bad series of fires, Ashlee decided she wanted to help kids who lost everything… Read more »

Alex Holmes – Taking a Stand: From Bullied to Anti-Bullying Leader

Bullying is a worldwide issue. Alex Holmes, a teenager in England who got bullied himself, decided to take a stand.  He invented a role at his school called a “Student Anti-Bullying Coordinator”. Then he started organizing events, creating videos, running campaigns and getting other students involved as ambassadors, event leaders and bully… Read more »

The Lemon Squeeze Foundation – Kids Improving Other Kids’ Lives

Deedra Scherm is a mom who wants to make the world a better place. When pregnant with her first child, Deedra found out she had a potentially fatal pregnancy-related illness. This made her think long and hard about how she wanted her and her kids to live. She realized that the most… Read more »

NBA Player Takes a 13-year-old Ball Boy’s Advice to Heart

Terrence Williams is an NBA player for the New Jersey Nets. Recently, he learned a valuable lesson when he did a stint with the Nets D league affiliate. He was sent there as a punishment for being late to practice and meetings. Sometimes it’s easy to lose your perspective on how… Read more »

John Wood Left Microsoft to Change the World by Building Libraries in Third World Countries

In 1998, John Wood was a Microsoft executive when he took a vacation that changed his life forever. The vacation started as a trekking holiday in Nepal, but it became a spiritual journey and then a mission. John decided he wanted to change the world one book and one child at a time by setting… Read more »