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Belize Uses Chess to Teach Kids Lessons About Life!

In the country of Belize, chess has become much more than a game. In an effort to help the many disadvantaged children of Belize, the Belize National Youth Chess Foundation runs classes and camps to teach the kids chess. The foundation uses the chess lessons as an educational and motivational tool. For these struggling children in… Read more »

Just Five Minutes a Day…….

Do you have five minutes to spare today? Almost everyone can find five minutes of free time in even the busiest of days. And if you can spare just five minutes a day, you can actually help change the world for the better! Here are some examples of “world improvements”… Read more »

Amazing Animals Who Travel the World!

You often hear stories about extraordinary people who travel the world. But what about animals? When faced with challenges to their safety or well-being, animals often perform these same kinds of feats! For instance, global warming has forced polar bears to swim hundreds of miles in search of the food and… Read more »

Kids with Diabetes – Just Trying to Live Normal Lives

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people. And for a kid with diabetes, it is a challenging effort just to have a normal childhood! Daily, a diabetic kid must monitor blood sugar levels, be cautious about which foods to eat, and take doses of insulin. These things and other complications make it… Read more »

SuperProm Funds for a Super Cause!

What would you do if your class won enough money to throw the ultimate prom? Would you start planning the party? Pick out an awesome dress or tux to wear? Find the perfect date? Well, that is exactly what happened at Cupertino High School in California. In March 2010, they… Read more »

Rachel’s Challenge – Spreading a Legacy of Kindness

Rachel Scott was a girl who was beautiful on the inside and out. She was funny and friendly, and she loved to act and write in her journal. But Rachel was best known for her kindness – she was incredibly kind and uplifting to everyone she met. On April 20, 1999, Rachel’s… Read more »

Mackenzie Bearup – Helping Children in Need Turn a Page in Their Lives

A few years ago, Mackenzie Bearup found out she had Reflexive Sympathetic Disorder (RSD). This condition caused her bad knee pain for long time periods. Her knee hurt so much that she often had to stay in bed for months at a time. To ease her pain, Mackenzie turned to reading. It helped her a lot.… Read more »

Neha Gupta – A Family Tradition Brings Hope to Orphans in India

When Neha Gupta was a little girl, her family taught her about family traditions. One of them was to visit India a few times a year to volunteer in an orphanage there.  So early on, Neha saw firsthand the poor conditions these orphans lived in.  By the time she was 9, Neha realized that… Read more »

Tyler Page – An Ordinary Kid Helping Other Kids Do Extraordinary Things

In 2007, Tyler Page was just a kid watching television with his mom one day.  They were watching an Oprah show about child-trafficking in Ghana. The show said that in Ghana, young kids are sold into slavery and made to work long, hard hours in the country’s fishing trade. Tyler was inspired to take action. He thought… Read more »

Joseph Machado – “Never Too Young to Make a Difference”

A few years ago, Joseph Machado was a kid who did what many other boys his age did – he played sports and rode his bike. But then he got some sports injuries, and he had to be in a wheelchair for over a year. Although it was temporary, Joseph’s wheelchair experience made a lasting… Read more »