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Zach Bonner Walks the Walk for the Homeless

Zach Bonner is one of the first and one of the most inspiring kids that we have profiled on IMK.  His passion is the homeless and he has been giving to those in need since he was only 6. In 2004, Hurricane Charley struck near his home in Tampa, Florida. Afterward, he collected 27… Read more »

Joshua’s Heart: A Remarkable Boy, Joshua Williams, Takes on World Hunger

You are never too young to make a difference. Since he was 5 years old, Joshua Williams has been accomplishing big things with his goal to end hunger. After seeing a tv commercial that showed children who were starving around the world, Joshua was moved to do something about it.… Read more »

Nelson Mandela – His Perseverance and Passion Changed The World

Nelson Mandela is an African civil rights leader from South Africa who changed the world for the better. His lifelong goal, similar to Martin Luther King, Jr., was to achieve equal rights for non-white people in his country. He was so dedicated to this cause, that he spent a large… Read more »

Eric Thomas – The “Hip Hop Preacher”

Eric Thomas is an author, educator, minister, activist, and motivational speaker. However, he is also known by another name……..the “Hip Hop Preacher”. Eric is known by this name because of his unique, down-to-earth, “tell it like it is” style of speaking. In addition to his speaking style, one of the reasons Eric… Read more »

Alec Loorz – Starting at Age 12, Environmental Activist Inspires Students to Take Action

A few years back, Alec Loorz was moved by watching the movie “Inconvenient Truth”. He decided to apply to become an official presenter for Al Gore. At first Alec was rejected for being too young. But later Mr. Gore learned Alec’s story and invited him to be a featured speaker. But Alec had not waited for Mr.… Read more »

Terry Fox Captures a Nation’s Attention With Courage and Determination

This is the story of a courageous young man who lost his leg to bone cancer and decided to raise money for cancer by running accross Canada with one leg. His story captured a nations attention and firmly made him a hero for his effort. He raised millions of dollars for cancer research.

Shannon McNamara and SHARE: Making a Difference in Africa

Shannon McNamara, 19, is a sophomore at Rice University, in Houston, Texas.  She founded SHARE in 2008 and has traveled to Tanzania each summer since then.  In the USA Shannon has spread awareness for SHARE by giving over 40 presentations across the country.  Shannon is the founder of the SHARE… Read more »

One World Futbol – Bringing the Power of Play Where It’s Needed Most!

Do you like to play soccer? It’s a great sport and a fun time. But for poor kids in Darfur and countries like it, soccer is much more than just a fun time…..for them, getting outside and kicking a ball around gives them a much-needed break from the hard lives they… Read more »

Evan Moss – Getting a “Shot at Life as a Regular Kid”, Thanks to Mindy the Dog!

For a seven-year-old boy, life can be fun and adventurous – school during the day, sports and other activities on nights and weekends, and lots of playtime with family and friends. But imagine being a boy who can’t do any of those things, because they are too dangerous for you. This was exactly the case for… Read more »

Jessie Rees – Never Ever Give Up (NEGU)!

When Jessie Rees was 11 years old, she received devastating news……she found out that she had brain cancer. She and her family began to deal with the diagnosis, and Jessie made one thing clear – that she would never ever give up. As Jessie struggled with her cancer, she realized that… Read more »