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Ryan Riddell – He Raised Awareness of Homelessness By Taking It On Himself

Ryan Riddell is a husband, father of three, and pastor of a church in Ohio. He and his family live in a nice home, and overall he has a pretty good life. But one day, Ryan gave it all up and lived for 30 days as a homeless man! As a pastor, Ryan felt called… Read more »

Alex Lin – Turning E-Waste Into E-Treasure

Alex Lin was a boy who was just reading the newspaper one day. He read an article about something called e-waste. He learned that it is the waste generated as people upgrade electronic devices. When people are done with things like computers, phones, mp3 players, etc. and throw them away, that’s e-waste. He also… Read more »

Baubles of Brotherly Love From Eight Teenage Girls

In 2007, eight girls from New York watched Oprah’s TV show one day. The show was called “The Little Boy That Oprah Couldn’t Forget”. It was about a boy from Ghana, Africa who had been sold into slavery, a practice that happens in that country every day. The story touched their hearts and… Read more »

Talia Leman – Just a “Random Kid” Who’s Helping Change the World

When Talia Leman was 10, she thought she was just an ordinary kid. One day, she was watching TV and saw Hurricane Katrina in the news. She felt sad for the people in the hurricane and wanted to help. She set a goal of raising $1 million and came up with a plan. Her plan was… Read more »

Alex Holmes – Taking a Stand: From Bullied to Anti-Bullying Leader

Bullying is a worldwide issue. Alex Holmes, a teenager in England who got bullied himself, decided to take a stand.  He invented a role at his school called a “Student Anti-Bullying Coordinator”. Then he started organizing events, creating videos, running campaigns and getting other students involved as ambassadors, event leaders and bully… Read more »

The Lemon Squeeze Foundation – Kids Improving Other Kids’ Lives

Deedra Scherm is a mom who wants to make the world a better place. When pregnant with her first child, Deedra found out she had a potentially fatal pregnancy-related illness. This made her think long and hard about how she wanted her and her kids to live. She realized that the most… Read more »

Inspiring Speeches of the 20th Century

This video combines some of the most inspiring speeches of the 20th century. You may recognize some of these speeches as important moments in history. They are even more inspiring when they are put together in this way. Additional Resources: Check out this website for more inspiring speeches! Check out this website for… Read more »

10-year-old Jaylen Arnold Says Bullying No Way!

Jaylen Arnold, a courageous and energetic 10 year old boy has set out to change the world by putting an end to childhood bullying. Jaylen, who endured more than his share of bullying when transferring to a new school, decided to take a stand and help himslef and others by forming Jaylen’s Challenge, a charity focused on gaining commitments from teachers and students to eliminate bullying around the country. All the more inspiring is that Jayler has both Tourette’s Syndrome and Aspergers Syndrome.

Inspiring Project – Alex’s Lemonade Stand

By holding an Alex’s Lemonade Stand of your own, you can help fight childhood cancer, one cup at a time. Alex’s Lemonade Stand provides a meaningful and fun way to make a difference in the lives of others. As Alex once said, “holding your own Alex’s Lemonade Stand is easy… Read more »

Blessings in a Backpack – Feeding Hungry Kids, One Backpack-ful At a Time!

Stockbroker Stan Curtis realized that there are many kids in America who have food provided to them at school during the week but who have little or no food on the weekends. And so, in 2005, Stan began a wonderful program that helps provide weekend food to kids who need it.… Read more »