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Great Empathy Quotes for Kids and Students

Empathy is trying to understand what another person is feeling.  It is seeing the world through another’s eyes.   It helps people to get along better and to feel better. Having empathy is a key ingredient to becoming the  best person you can be.  You can practice empathy by: listening… Read more »

IMK in Action – How Kids Can Stand Up To Bullying

What’s The Big Deal? In school or at the park, you may have seen or experienced bullying. Bullying is hurting someone either by words or actions. Some feel that bullying is a part of normal growing up. It isn’t! There will always be problems between kids. But bullying is done on… Read more »

Students David Shepherd and Travis Price – Changed the World With Pink

Doing one small thing can make a big difference for a lot of people.  Millions of people. Two Canadian high school students, David Shepard and Travis Price, from Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada were inspired to take a stand at school one day.  On the first day of school in 2007, a they… Read more »

Kevin Curwick – High School QB Takes on Bullying One Tweet at a Time

Kevin Curwick is a senior at Osseo High School in Minnesota and also the captain of the school’s football team.  Kevin does not have to worry about being bullied himself, but he has made it a priority to care for others who are being bullied. In fact, after seeing many… Read more »

6 Year Old Danny Keefe – His Special ‘Band of Brothers’ Takes on Bullying

Danny Keefe, a kindergartner at Mitchell Elementary School in Bridgewater, MA, is also the official water coach for the Division 5 Badgers Peewee Football Team. Danny is not only an important part of the football team, but a very unique dresser. He likes to wear a tie, suit and fedora… Read more »

When Is the Best Time to Be Kind? Just Ask This Maine Middle School

When is the the right time to be kind to others? This middle school in Maine shows everyone that the time is now! There is no better time to be kind than this very moment. Watch this amazing story of kids who chose to be kind to others and the long-lasting… Read more »

Chi Chi Monet – 9 Year Old Rapper With a Great Rap!

Chi Chi Monet is a 9 year old singer and rapper from the Washington, DC area who is using her musical talent to inspire other kids to make good choices.  She focuses on issues like Bullying, Stranger Danger and Eating Well. Chi Chi became interested in music when she was… Read more »

Role Model Videos of the Week 1/22/13

Here are two great videos of role models to inspire you this week. Check out blind skateboarder Tommy Carroll, who shows incredible courage since he first stepped on a board at age obstacles since age 10:     Meet Jeremiah Anthony who takes on cyberbullies at West High in Ames,… Read more »

Chy Johnson, Bullied No More Thanks to the Football Team

16 year old Chy Johnson was born with a brain disorder that made her the target of bullies at her High School in Queen Creek, Arizona.    After learning how their classmate was being treated,  football stars Carson Jones and Tucker Workman decided to take action.  And instead of going after… Read more »

Nadin Khoury – From Bullying Victim to Brave Spokesperson

Nadin Khoury and his family had lived in Liberia, but that country’s civil war caused them to flee to America in search of a better life. That was their hope as they settled into in their new Philadelphia neighborhood home in 2010. But then came the start of school, and with it came bullying.… Read more »