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8 Year Old Nia Mya Reese Becomes A Best Selling Author!

When Nia Mya Reese was asked to write a story for class at at Deer Valley Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama, she chose a topic that she was an expert in: how to handle annoying little brothers!  Nia Mya apparently had learned many lessons in this area, dealing with her… Read more »

For Reading That’s Fun, Dr. Seuss Is the One!

On March 2 each year, America celebrates a very special event called Read Across America. This event takes place in order to emphasize the fun and importance of reading, and it is celebrated on the birthday of one of the all-time greatest children’s authors, Dr. Seuss! Also known as Theodor… Read more »

Mackenzie Bearup – Helping Children in Need Turn a Page in Their Lives

A few years ago, Mackenzie Bearup found out she had Reflexive Sympathetic Disorder (RSD). This condition caused her bad knee pain for long time periods. Her knee hurt so much that she often had to stay in bed for months at a time. To ease her pain, Mackenzie turned to reading. It helped her a lot.… Read more »

John Wood Left Microsoft to Change the World by Building Libraries in Third World Countries

In 1998, John Wood was a Microsoft executive when he took a vacation that changed his life forever. The vacation started as a trekking holiday in Nepal, but it became a spiritual journey and then a mission. John decided he wanted to change the world one book and one child at a time by setting… Read more »

Adora Svitak – What Adults Can Learn From Kids

Child prodigy Adora Svitak says the world needs “childish” thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism. Kids’ big dreams deserve high expectations, she says, starting with grownups’ willingness to learn from children, not just teach them. A prolific short story writer and blogger since age seven, Adora Svitak (now 12)… Read more »

Kids’ Books Can Give Lessons for Life

Life has its ups and downs, and for a kid, the downs can sometimes be overwhelming. Experiences such as a death in the family, a bullying situation, or even a move can have a significant impact on a kid. Oftentimes, when faced with difficult situations, kids are reluctant to express the confusion or… Read more »