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Kevin Durant – Perseverance, Faith and Mom Create A Man of Impact

Kevin Durant is one of the best players to ever play the game of Basketball. He has won championships in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and all through his life. He has was won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award. But is not just his on the court feats that… Read more »

Caleb Swanigan – From Homeless and Hopeless to The Best Hoopster In the Nation

Four years ago, Caleb Swanigan was an a overweight, homeless, teenager.  He weighed 360 pounds before he entered 8th grade. He grew up in Indiana and Utah, but rarely stayed in the same place long. In fact he went to four middle schools and nine elementary schools. But then, something changed.… Read more »

Inspiring Quotes for Young Athletes

Do you play sports? If you do, then you know the value of hard work, commitment, and determination in achieving success.  Playing sports can help you learn the importance of these values. Sports can also teach you so much about yourself and the world around you. It can help you develop… Read more »

Zach Hodskins: One Armed Star Hoopster and Amazing Role Model

Zach Hodskins was born with one arm, but from a very young age he has focused on his ability rather than his disability. He took a love of basketball, a positive attitude, faith and great determination to build his skills to be become one of the top High School players… Read more »

Never Give Up – Minnesota Girls Basketball Team Shows the Power of Perseverance

The Climax-Fisher Knights High School girls basketball team from Minnesota accomplished something that few others teams ever have done. They lost 84 games in a row! That is a lot of losing. During each of those games, though, their coach said they played hard and kept their spirits up. While… Read more »

Vanguard College Prep Shows Sportsmanship Beyond Compare

The Gainesville Torpedoes boys basketball team is not used to having fans at their games. You see, the Torpedoes represent a youth correctional facility, so student fans are not allowed to attend games.  And, for other reasons, student family members often do not attend their games. The Torpedoes had a… Read more »

Lauren Hill – Never Give Up – Brain Cancer Can’t Stop Hoop Dreams

From the time she was young, Lauren Hill’s life long dream was to play college basketball.  When she accepted an offer to play at Mount St. Joseph College (near Cincinnati) her dream seemed ready to come true. Until she developed brain cancer last year. Lauren was told she had only… Read more »

Cathy Rush – “Dreams Are For Everyone”!

In 1971, there were many in the world who still believed that a woman’s potential for success was limited. Enter Cathy Rush, the young wife of a basketball referee who had just taken a job as head women’s basketball coach at Immaculata College in suburban Philadelphia. Immaculata was a very small Catholic girls’… Read more »

Wilma Rudolph – She Defied the Odds to Achieve Olympic Glory!

As the first American female ever to win three Olympic gold medals, Wilma Rudolph is one of the world’s most celebrated athletes. However, her Olympic success was not easily won – it was the result of incredible strength and determination, as Wilma fought to overcome odds that were stacked high against her. Wilma was… Read more »

Jason McElwain – Autistic Basketball Team Manager Finally Gets His Chance

James McElwain “J-Mac”, a 5-foot-6 senior at Greece Athena High School in Rochester, New York diagnosed with autism at 2 years old was the manager of the varsity basketball team. In the last game of his senior year, Coach Jim Johnson put McElwain on the roster so he could be given a jersey and accompany his teammates on the bench.