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Inspiring Role Model of the Week (4/24/13) – Drew Bonner: “No. 2 on his back, No. 1 in our hearts”

Check out Drew Bonner, the team manager for the Fairfax (Virginia) High School baseball team and two other sports teams. Drew used to play baseball, but contracted muscular dystrophy which stopped him from being able to play at age 11. Yet, his impact on the team and his school is… Read more »

Michael Pesci – Life’s Not Always Fair, But You Can Do Something About It!

This is the story of Michael Pesci. He is a young baseball player with an incredible sense of charity and fairness. He and his buddy organize a homerun derby to raise money for various charities. Michael combines his love of baseball with his desire to help others less fortunate than himself. Additional Resources:… Read more »