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Meet Julia – Sesame Street’s Amazing New Muppet with Autism!

Have you ever heard of autism?  Do you know someone who has autism? Well, if not, you are about to meet someone who does!  A muppet! For the first time ever, Sesame Street is adding a muppet who has autism to its cast! Julia is just like most 4 year… Read more »

Allie Gleason Shines a Bright Light To Help Young People Understand Asperger’s Syndrome

This is a guest post written by Allie Gleason, a high school student from Cary, North Carolina, with Asperger’s Syndrome who spends some of her free time as a volunteer-intern-extraordinaire at EducatorLabs. She is a cheerleader for allthose affected by ASD. We applaud your efforts, Allie! As a teen with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS),… Read more »

Xena and Jonny – A Boy and A Dog Change Each Others Lives Forever

Jonny Hickey is a boy from Georgia who is helping to change the world.  Jonny has autism. When he was young, he was very quiet and found it hard to talk and be with other people.  He was not very happy and had a difficult time in school. While trying to help her… Read more »

Inspiring Videos of the Week (5/7/13): Find Your Greatness

Jonny Hickey is a young boy with Autism who found it hard to communicate with others. Then he met Xena, a very sick rescue dog who was expected to die. Well, not only did Xena survive, but her comfort has helped Jonny to express himself and he is a new… Read more »

Jason McElwain – Autistic Basketball Team Manager Finally Gets His Chance

James McElwain “J-Mac”, a 5-foot-6 senior at Greece Athena High School in Rochester, New York diagnosed with autism at 2 years old was the manager of the varsity basketball team. In the last game of his senior year, Coach Jim Johnson put McElwain on the roster so he could be given a jersey and accompany his teammates on the bench.

Videos of the Week 2/4/13 – Kid President and A.Skate

Here are two great videos to inspire you this week: Check out Kid President and his pep talk to all of us to wake up and make something awesome happen in the world! Learn about the A.skate Foundation who opens up new opportunities for children with Autism by helping them… Read more »

World Autism Awareness Day – Shining a Bright Light on Autism

Do you know anyone with autism? Even if you don’t think you do, chances are that you HAVE encountered an autistic person. That’s because autism occurs on a wide spectrum, with its symptoms ranging from mild to severe. And actually, about 1 in 110 people have this condition! In order… Read more »

Benjamin’s Hope – A Place Where We All Belong

At 15 months old, Benjamin Mason was a typical toddler with a budding vocabulary and an active curiosity. But then, over the next few months, Benjamin started to withdraw, losing his vocabulary and turning completely inward. Doctors diagnosed Benjamin as having profound autism. Despite his autism, the Masons tried to give Benjamin a normal life. However, his severe autism made it… Read more »

Jacob Barnett – A Real-Life Boy Genius!

At first glance, Jacob Barnett looks like an ordinary 13-year-old kid. He wears sweatshirts and backward baseball caps, goes to school, and hangs out with his family. But the reality is that Jacob is anything but ordinary! You see, Jacob is a genius………. As a toddler, Jacob was diagnosed with autism. But as he got older, he began to show signs of incredible intelligence. And… Read more »

Gary Kuhre – He Walked Across America to Help His Autistic Son

Gary Kuhre was a man on a mission – he wanted to walk across America. But Gary was not doing it for himself – rather, he was taking it on to increase awareness about autism and hopefully help his son Joshua, who had been diagnosed with autism. Gary set out to… Read more »