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Jennifer Bricker – Gymnast Born Without Legs Shows That ‘Everything is Possible’

The story of Jennifer Bricker is one of the most amazing ones we have have ever featured on IMK! It is full of both great life lessons and great surprises. It is a story everyone should know. Jennifer was born in Romania without any legs. She was later adopted by a… Read more »

Katie Ledecky – Olympic Champion Has No Secret to Her Success

Katie Ledecky, from Bethesda, Maryland, is still a teenager, yet she has won 5 Olympic Medals and 9 World Championships in her sport of swimming! How did she do all of this at such a young age? The secret, according to Katie, is that there is no secret! For one… Read more »

Katy Sullivan – 2008 Beijing Paralympian

Katy Sullivan was born without legs, but she didn’t let that stop her from living life to the fullest. After trying out various sports and even successfully pursuing a career in acting, Katy decided to get into running. In March 2006, she got a pair of carbon fiber legs and started running for… Read more »