Author: Maggie Hofstaedter

Wyatt Erber – The Biggest of Hearts in a Very Small Package!

Wyatt Erber is only 8 years old, but when it comes to compassion and kind-heartedness, he has got it in the bag! This past summer, Wyatt participated in a scavenger hunt and won a big prize – $1,000! But the real treasure came shortly after Wyatt’s victory…. Wyatt’s neighbor, Cara, is… Read more »

Matt Stutzman – “A Foot Above the Competition”!

At age 29, Matt Stutzman has already accomplished a lot in his life….he is a husband, a father, an outdoorsman, and a world-class archer! But the best part of all is that Matt has achieved these things despite the fact that he was born with no arms…… Throughout his life, Matt has worked hard… Read more »

Gabriel Muniz – Chasing His Dream, Even with No Feet!

In many ways, Brazilian Gabriel Muniz is just a typical 11-year-old boy – he likes to play sports, hangs out with his friends, and dislikes homework. But in two very special ways, Gabriel Muniz is anything but typical. You see, at 11, Gabriel is already an extremely talented soccer player who has caught the attention… Read more »

Neil Armstrong – A Humble Man, An Extraordinary Journey

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These were the words spoken by astronaut Neil Armstrong, the legendary astronaut who recently passed away, as he took the first footsteps ever taken by a man onto the moon! Born on August 5, 1930, Neil Armstrong was the son of a pilot… Read more »

Samantha Garvey – From Homelessness to High Honor!

In January 2012, high school senior Samantha Garvey was facing a very tough time. Her family, who had endured financial difficulties throughout her childhood, had just lost their home and had to take refuge in a local shelter. Samantha was a gifted, hard-working student, but her situation made it hard for her to focus. Then came great… Read more »

Emily Buell – Helping Disabled Students with her College Bound Canines!

It’s that time of year again……back-to-school time! For kindergarteners through those heading off to college, it’s a time of new beginnings and new challenges. But for students with disabilities, especially those entering college, the challenges of a new school year may be overwhelming.  High school student Emily Buell realized this, and she… Read more »