Author: Maggie Hofstaedter

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Words of Wisdom for a Hopeful Tomorrow

In April 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama made her first official trip overseas in her newly appointed position. During her trip, she visited a girls’ school in England called the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School.  There, Mrs. Obama spoke to the students, sharing wonderful words of encouragement and wisdom. She emphasized… Read more »

Loyalty and Compassion at Their Finest, Canine Style!

To an outsider, Bosko the labrador retriever may seem like an ordinary dog. However, to those who know him, he is anything but. You see, one cold night on his family’s ranch, Bosko proved just how special he really is. On that night, Bosko discovered a sick and wounded calf on the… Read more »

Great Sportsmanship Quotes for Kids

“What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player.” This quote, from legendary basketball coach John Wooden, defines just what sportsmanship is all about. While it’s great to excel in sports, dance, theater, art, science, or whatever else interests you, it is even… Read more »

Jessie Rees – Never Ever Give Up (NEGU)!

When Jessie Rees was 11 years old, she received devastating news……she found out that she had brain cancer. She and her family began to deal with the diagnosis, and Jessie made one thing clear – that she would never ever give up. As Jessie struggled with her cancer, she realized that… Read more »

Caine’s Arcade…Inviting You and Your Cardboard!

Back in June 2012, we brought you a wonderful story about a boy named Caine and the amazing cardboard arcade he created in the fall of 2011. Now, on October 6, the first anniversary of Caine’s “arcade day” (the day in which a flash mob came to play at Caine’s Arcade), a… Read more »

Pearl the Dog – “A Homeless Dog Becomes a Hero”!

In early 2008, the life of labrador retriever Pearl was anything but good, as she found herself homeless in an animal shelter. But soon after, her life improved drastically when volunteers from the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation rescued her and began to train her as a search dog. In… Read more »