Author: Maggie Hofstaedter

Cathy Rush – “Dreams Are For Everyone”!

In 1971, there were many in the world who still believed that a woman’s potential for success was limited. Enter Cathy Rush, the young wife of a basketball referee who had just taken a job as head women’s basketball coach at Immaculata College in suburban Philadelphia. Immaculata was a very small Catholic girls’… Read more »

Leonardo da Vinci – A Man of Timeless Inspiration

Most people are familiar with the name Leonardo da Vinci, the great Renaissance man of the 15th and 16th centuries. But many don’t fully realize just how much this amazing man achieved in his lifetime! Here are just some of Leonardo’s incredible accomplishments: scientist artist inventor military engineer innovative machine designer… Read more »

Eric Thomas – The “Hip Hop Preacher”

Eric Thomas is an author, educator, minister, activist, and motivational speaker. However, he is also known by another name……..the “Hip Hop Preacher”. Eric is known by this name because of his unique, down-to-earth, “tell it like it is” style of speaking. In addition to his speaking style, one of the reasons Eric… Read more »

Wilma Rudolph – She Defied the Odds to Achieve Olympic Glory!

As the first American female ever to win three Olympic gold medals, Wilma Rudolph is one of the world’s most celebrated athletes. However, her Olympic success was not easily won – it was the result of incredible strength and determination, as Wilma fought to overcome odds that were stacked high against her. Wilma was… Read more »