Author: Maggie Hofstaedter

Just Five Minutes a Day…….

Do you have five minutes to spare today? Almost everyone can find five minutes of free time in even the busiest of days. And if you can spare just five minutes a day, you can actually help change the world for the better! Here are some examples of “world improvements”… Read more »

Amazing Animals Who Travel the World!

You often hear stories about extraordinary people who travel the world. But what about animals? When faced with challenges to their safety or well-being, animals often perform these same kinds of feats! For instance, global warming has forced polar bears to swim hundreds of miles in search of the food and… Read more »

Kids with Diabetes – Just Trying to Live Normal Lives

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people. And for a kid with diabetes, it is a challenging effort just to have a normal childhood! Daily, a diabetic kid must monitor blood sugar levels, be cautious about which foods to eat, and take doses of insulin. These things and other complications make it… Read more »

Never Too Young or Too Old to Make a Mark!

Do you think you’re too young to accomplish something great? Too old to make a difference? Well, take a look at the achievements of these people! They prove that age is just a number and that it’s all about your attitude. With hard work and determination, no matter what your age, you can make… Read more »

Stephen Wiltshire – An Autistic Artist with Incredible Vision

Stephen Wiltshire’s first words were “paper” and “pencil”…..not surprising, because he is now a world-renowned artist. But what is surprising is the fact that Stephen did not say these words until he was five years old! That is because Stephen is autistic. Despite his autism, Stephen possesses an incredible gift –… Read more »

This Sweatshirt Goes Green by Changing Colors!

Have you ever heard of a sweatshirt going green? Well, a new type of sweatshirt created by New York University students Nien Lam and Sue Ngo does just that. The sweatshirt contains an image of a heart or lungs, and the image changes color when it senses pollution in the air! Nien… Read more »

Random Acts of Kindness – A Little Act Can Go a Long Way!

Random acts of kindness are just what their name suggests – actions, big or small, that are kind to others. And anyone can do them! It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, or short or tall. Every single person can perform random acts of kindness every… Read more »

Kerri Strug – A Big Olympic Hero in a Tiny Package

In 1996, Kerri Strug was a tiny teenager with a shy personality. But when it came to gymnastics, Kerri was anything but shy. She was a dedicated athlete and a fierce competitor. And in the 1996 Olympics, Kerri showed a strength and determination that belied her small size. It was the… Read more »

SuperProm Funds for a Super Cause!

What would you do if your class won enough money to throw the ultimate prom? Would you start planning the party? Pick out an awesome dress or tux to wear? Find the perfect date? Well, that is exactly what happened at Cupertino High School in California. In March 2010, they… Read more »