Author: Kevin Conklin

No Instruments, No Problem: This Band Has Iphones

By now you might have heard the story of the band Atomic Tom. They made a video on a New York City subway using nothing but their voices and their Iphones. The video below shows them singing one of their original songs, called “Take Me Out”. The band started in 2006,… Read more »

The Band Naturally 7 Inspires Through Music on the London Tube

It has long been believed that music can inspire at any given moment in time. This time it was in the Tube in London with a hip hop American group named Naturally 7. This group is amazing – they create the sound of an entire band using no instruments, just their voices! This video shows Naturally… Read more »

Homeless Teenager Nick Wood Shows Courage Every Day

Nick Wood is an inspirational teenager. He is homeless, but he doesn’t let his circumstances bring him down. In fact, he finds a way to thrive in a new school and environment. He does so with the help of a thoughtful football coach and because he wants to create a better life for himself. Additional… Read more »

NBA Player Takes a 13-year-old Ball Boy’s Advice to Heart

Terrence Williams is an NBA player for the New Jersey Nets. Recently, he learned a valuable lesson when he did a stint with the Nets D league affiliate. He was sent there as a punishment for being late to practice and meetings. Sometimes it’s easy to lose your perspective on how… Read more »

A Small Act of Kindness Can Make a Huge Difference

The film A SMALL ACT follows the story of Chris Mburu. He was the top student in his Kenyan village. But with no money for school fees, he had little hope of a future. Then, a total stranger named Hilde Back sponsored his early education through a “sponsor a needy child” campaign. She paid… Read more »

Perseverance – The Story of Derek Redmond In the 1992 Olympics

For those of you old enough to remember the 1992 Olympics, this video of Derek Redmond was one of the most memorable moments of those entire Olympics. Derek badly injures his hamstring but somehow finds the strength to finish the race with the help of his dad.