Author: Kevin Conklin

The Incredible Story Behind the Star Spangled Banner

This is the incredible story of the Star Spangled Banner. It took major sacrifice to maintain our country’s freedom in its early days, and this song tells the story of that sacrifice. We hear this song often at sporting events and at school. As such, it is easy to get distracted and not think about what… Read more »

Salvatore Giunta, American Hero, Medal of Honor Recipient

I had the rare opportunity to listen to Salvatore Giunta’s story last night in person at an event in Westchester County, New York and felt compelled to share his story with you.  Sal is one of 79 living Medal of Honor recipients living in the United States and a true American hero. Giunta,… Read more »

Shannon McNamara and SHARE: Making a Difference in Africa

Shannon McNamara, 19, is a sophomore at Rice University, in Houston, Texas.  She founded SHARE in 2008 and has traveled to Tanzania each summer since then.  In the USA Shannon has spread awareness for SHARE by giving over 40 presentations across the country.  Shannon is the founder of the SHARE… Read more »

Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime Trip to WWII Memorial

Many athletes devote their time and money to kids’ charities. But two-time Olympic gold skier and ex-pro football player Jeremy Bloom spends his time helping seniors. In 2008, inspired by his grandmother, Bloom founded Wish of a Lifetime. Since then he has made countless dreams come true for low-income seniors. In March 2010,… Read more »

Chelsea Baker, 13 – This Pitching Phenom Is Going Places

Chelsea Baker is no normal 13-year-old. She can throw a fastball 65 miles an hour! And with the help of a great mentor, a retired pro baseball pitcher, Chelsea also learned how to throw a knuckleball. She’s one of the best young pitchers in the country and she’s breaking barriers every day.… Read more »