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Inspiring Graduation Speeches For Kids and Students

A good graduation speech can provide great wisdom and inspiration on how to pursue your dreams and become the best version of yourself. Below are several speeches that focus not about success and making money, but following your passions, being kind and making a difference in people’s lives. From’s… Read more »

Quincy Symonds – Inspiring 6 Year Old Surfs Past Medical Issues

Quincy Symonds is a 6 year old like no other. She is one of the best surfers and skateboarders for her age in the world.  If her athletic talents are not enough, she achieved them despite a serious medical condition she was born with called congenital adrenal hyperplasia.  The disease requires Quincy to take… Read more »

Great Quotes for Kids About Courage

Have you ever done something that you knew was the right thing to do, but you were scared to do it?  Or maybe you did something that looked very hard, but you decided to try it.  That is courage in action and you probably felt very good about what you… Read more »

Steve Jobs: His Success and Spirit Inspired Lessons For Life

Steve Jobs was a man of boundless accomplishments. He co-founded Apple Computers and revolutionalized the computer world with his innovative creations. But incredible success wasn’t Steve Jobs’ only claim to fame. He was also an amazingly powerful speaker whose wisdom shone through despite his easygoing speaking style. In the video and the additional resources below are some… Read more »

Nick Vujicic – No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia with the rare Tetra-amelia syndrome: limbless, missing both arms at shoulder level, and legless but with two small feet, one of which has two toes. Nick is a preacher, a motivational speaker and the director of Life Without Limbs, a non-profit Christian organization.… Read more »

John Wooden on True Success

John Wooden was one of the most successful basketball players and coaches of all time. He was beloved by his teammates and players for his hard work, his drive, and his simple yet inspirational words of wisdom. In this video, John talks about his coaching career and his views on… Read more »