Inspiring Role Model of the Week (4/24/13) – Drew Bonner: “No. 2 on his back, No. 1 in our hearts”

Check out Drew Bonner, the team manager for the Fairfax (Virginia) High School baseball team and two other sports teams. Drew used to play baseball, but contracted muscular dystrophy which stopped him from being able to play at age 11.

Yet, his impact on the team and his school is very clear when watching the great tribute paid to him at Drew Bonner Night. “No. 2 on his back, No. 1 in our hearts” is how he was described by the Fairfax announcer.  Drew is also an Eagle Scout and has received a 4 year academic scholarship to attend the University of Virginia.

Watch Drew Bonner Night and be inspired by how he has overcome his challenges to make a great impact on his school and team.  And also notice the great sportsmanship displayed by both teams.

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