Gavin Ovsak – Finding New Ways to Help the World

Gavin Ovsak is only a senior in high school, but already he is changing the world. Gavin is an inventor who has created five new things so far. They are things that help people do things like walk around large buildings, plan class schedules, learn math, and even organize daily tasks. But his biggest invention is something he calls the CHAD (Circuit Hat Accessibility Device). The CHAD lets a person who can’t use a computer mouse navigate the computer using his head and mouth!

Gavin wanted to create the CHAD after he volunteered at a place that helps disabled people. Many of the people could not use a computer mouse, and that gave him his idea. For Gavin, the CHAD and his other inventions are just the beginning – his goal in life is to keep inventing things that will help people who need them! In this video, Gavin talks about his CHAD invention.

Additional Resources:

  • Here is Gavin’s website to check out.
  • Check out this article about Gavin and his inventions.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Have you ever thought of a new way to do something? How did it make you feel to come up with your idea?
  • What qualities must Gavin have to come up with his ideas and turn them into new things?
  • Gavin’s inspiration is that he wants to fill needs that will improve people’s lives. But you don’t have to be an inventor to do that! What needs do you see around you that you might be able to fill?

Take Action:

  • Think about something your mom does every day that is hard for her to do. Now think of a new, better way for her to do it!
  • Check out the Invent Now website for some invention inspiration!

Teacher Features:

  • Here is a link to a Critical Reading Skills worksheet that you can use for elementary school students.
  • Here is a link to a Critical Reading Skills worksheet that you can use for middle school students.


9 Comments on “Gavin Ovsak – Finding New Ways to Help the World”

    1. Kevin Conklin

      Hello Kaila,

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ll see if we can find more ways to highlight Gavin. He certainly is an inspiration.

    1. Michael Stutman

      Thanks so much for the feedback Teresa! We are working on a number of improvements to the site now which you will hopefully be noticing! Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

  1. Gavin Ovsak

    Hey Guys!! Thanks so much for the support!

    If you ever want to send me a message or question, feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 612-23-GAVIN.

    I try to update my blog on my website pretty often, and an awesome update of my site should be live soon.

    I’m very honored by your comments!

    – Gavin Ovsak

    1. Michael Stutman

      Hey Gavin,

      Keep up the great work. You are a real inspiration. Let us know if you would ever like to write a guest post for us or if we can support your efforts in any way.

  2. Benjamin A

    whoa! just heard about this kid and decided to google him, saw his website. so wonderful AND he cares about other people. I am amazed honestly!

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